Sad News.

Having pushed a baby’s buggy across Ireland from Galway Docks to Howth Harbour and later from Whitehall, Dublin to Whitegate, Co. Cork together with my other fundraising events for Chernobyl Children’s Trust; I was deeply saddened to read the following this evening:

“It is with deep regret and much sadness that we announce that our beloved Charity Chernobyl Children’s Trust is winding down due to the serious decline in funding in recent years. We will support a number of key projects and very needy children and individuals with remaining funds. A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of our loyal supporters and volunteers who for many years have helped us help countless children affected by Chernobyl.

With much sadness,

Deep respect to you all

Simon Walsh,
#appreciationpost #sayinggoodbye #support #charity”

On a visit to Belarus, I witnessed the money that I raised being used for projects like putting a new roof on one of the main buildings in Chervyen orphanage near Minsk, that had burned down due to old, faulty electrical wiring; tiling the walls and floors of two shower rooms, one for boys and one for girls and installing showers. When I visited a children’s hospital in Marina Gorka and made a donation, I was given detailed receipts for everything that my donation had bought and was even offered the surplus change!

So sad to see the Trust folding up, but Simon and his many volunteers can be more than proud of the wonderful support that they have given to the children and families of Belarus over so many years.

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